Dedicated Programs

For those who want to experience a deeper change...

These programs have been developed by us and we will go through them with you all along. We want to meet you\your family desire for change as we feel this is something growing in more people. Based on our own transformation experience (as individuals, couple, parents) we seek for supporting and answering any pertinent and profound doubts and questions of those who want to spend time with us. Everyday tasks are always creative opportunities for conversation, for transcending ideas and limitations, and for opening up to new realities. Whatever your availability, we can design a program that suits you, and responds to your interest.

Weekend in Transition

Come experience change with us and Nature in a weekend!

Awakened Families

Experience a communal life with us as a family...

Transformation Residencial

Do you want to live with us for a period of time and transform your life in a deeper way?

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