To transform dreams into reality

There are times in life when we are faced with the eternal questions: Who am I? And what is my purpose in this Life? They usually come at times when we face major challenges and changes that push us out of our comfort zone. It happened to us and it made us look for answers, inside and outside ourselves, answers that would make us feel fuller and with a purpose that transcended our personal lives. 

Shortly after we met the Awakened Life Project at the end of 2010, and the reality created at Quinta da Mizarela, we felt even more inspired and motivated to give body and voice to the inner drive for change we both felt. 

Today we live a very different life from the one we have changed, in various dimensions of our existence, and we are increasingly excited to share our experiences and insights into the true nature of Reality.

We aim to be a movement for the Education and Practice of a More Conscious Life! 

We base our lives on the principles of the Evolutionary Context of the Awakened Life Project, which we have been part of since 2011, and are committed to putting them into practice daily through meditation, self-questioning, mindfulness, sincere sharing, and support of the best in each other. 

Being fully aware of the importance of education in the healthy and sustainable development of future generations, it is our intention to facilitate this context and its values ​​to Children, Families, Future Parents and Educators through our own example and by creating new forms and structures of interaction and relationship with people, animals and the environment. 

We are also aware that we are not the holders of all wisdom, and never will be, that the way we do things is not the only one, nor the best. We believe in growth and evolution through continual questioning, contemplation, sharing and learning through our own real and direct experience. We are willing to continually review the guidelines we follow so that we will never stagnate or crystallize ideas, thoughts, beliefs, etc. 

We want to be a pure vehicle for the free expression of the larger process of life itself, maintaining healthy autonomy, vibrant spontaneity, and a presence and enthusiasm that infects our surroundings. In short, we always want to live the best version of ourselves and also support the best version of those around us.

Since we moved to Esculca in December 2012, we have had many dreams that we would like to see fulfilled. Some are already quite real, like the house we live in and the garden from which we already take some food, others are still on paper, and others are still slowly unfolding.

An important achievement in this process of Creation has been to realize that dreams are not truly "ours", that is, they are as Revelations of something that "want" to happen. Part of our process has been to make room in our mind and heart for dreams to unfold, for Earth to show us what it wants to see grow, for humanity, which is me and you, to allow itself to feel and listen through us, to us and to anyone else who wants to hear ... 

To create and maintain a healthy and functioning community is not an easy or simple thing. Over the past few years, we had the experience of having other people or families living with us, and it gave us a better sense of the challenges that are present and continuous. Apart from the common values ​​that underlie everything you want to build, interests and passions, but also the clarity and intent to make commitments and learn how to deal with challenges, all ultimately contribute for its success or failure. 

Our vision is to create a place where we can live family life in an ever new way, continually changing the way we live and relate to others, allowing us to be, create, live life more consciously and rooted in the truth of ourselves, who we really are and rediscover the deep joy of being and living together. But we don't want it in isolation, so we hope our project inspires you and that you inspire us by living with us too!

Projeções para o Futuro

  • Continuar a regeneração dos ecossistemas da terra onde vivemos, nas suas diferentes formas e expressões (água, solo, árvores, animais e outros que ainda possamos não conhecer);
  • Criar um ambiente seguro, estimulante e, ao mesmo tempo, desafiador, para que os nossos filhos cresçam felizes, activos e desenvolvam as suas melhores capacidades;
  • Continuar a desenvolver estruturas de apoio à comunidade residente permanente e temporária, que sirvam as principais necessidades à sobrevivência, mas também ao bem-estar;
  • Criar um ambiente seguro e favorável para o crescimento e evolução individuais e colectivo, de forma a favorecer a criação de uma nova cultura, baseada nos valores que acreditamos e praticamos.


  • Clareza de Intenção
  • Integridade
  • Confiança
  • Transparência
  • Honestidade
  • Responsabilidade
  • Humildade
  • Autonomia e Comunhão
  • Fricção Criativa
  • Apoio do melhor em cada um
  • Criatividade

"Observa os teus pensamentos, eles tornam-se palavras,

observa as tuas palavras, elas tornam-se ações,

observa as tuas ações, elas tornam-se hábitos,

observa os teus hábitos, eles tornam-se carácter,

observa o teu carácter, Isso irá tornar-se o teu destino."

- Lao Tze