About Us

our family

When we met, in December 2009, we could not have imagined that our lives would transform radically. Today we live really different lives and we want to continue to grow and evolve every single day.

A greater sensitivity to the state of the world, a greater connection with our essence, and the arrival of our first child, were the catalysts for ushering in what has been the greatest adventure of our lives. 

But make no mistake to think that since then everything is pink. All choices bring challenges, and we undoubtedly have been through many. But whenever we see challenges as opportunities, we realize that is where the greatest potential for transformation lies. 

With our project, we hope to inspire more people and families not to give up on their dreams, to take greater responsibility for their choices and, above all, to live the life they would like to live!

Our family

Hi, my name is Teresa! I was born in Porto, where I have lived most of my life, with a small stop in Dubai, but when I turned 38, I moved to Central Portugal.

Hi, my name is Ricardo! I was born and lived almost all my life in Porto, but when I was 35 I moved to Central Portugal.

Hello, I am Miguel, I love to climb a tree, to discover new friends and to play as much as I can....

Hello, my name is Clara! I was born in Esculca in the house my parents built and how I love living here...

Our little paradise...