en-Just a very hot summer day in Esculca


I am writing this in the midst of everything that is going on here in our community. It is a very hot afternoon and my daughter is having her midday nap in the house that provides a bit more coolness. But outside I can hear the workman talking, hammering stones and the cement mill turning. Finally, the surroundings of the house will be made beautiful with stones, steps and little gardens. We are so grateful for the men working on our land under the burning sun.

In the kitchen I can hear that someone is cleaning up, we have a board with all the domestic tasks well divided between eight people, including three children that are very eager to help. Another person is picking up a child from school. Before lunch we had a 'sharing and caring'. This means that for an hour we speak out what wants to come from our hearts and what is hanging in the air. We do not want to allow that friction or tension is separating us. We all agreed that the last week had been very busy, and sometimes communication can become poor and one can get distracted very much and is not seeing the bigger picture anymore. It is great to speak this out and to make it conscious. We also spoke about the importance of meditating, something we do every day and we all see huge benefits from it in our lives. So besides so many practical things like working in the garden, building a yurt, cooking and cleaning, working on the computer, it is so important to hold the firm ground from where we want to live our liveas nulla.

In the month of June, we are in total with 5 adults and 5 children (age 9,8,4,1,1). We are very happy to have Arlete and her two daughters Filipa and Maria staying with us. Arlete has been very interested in the Awakened Life Project and finally she could come to spend time with members of this project in our community. The three of them sleep in the caravan just outside the house. Let me share with you more or less the schedule we have here in the summer so you can get a sense.

7h meditation

8h breakfast

9h activities like gardening, building, playing, learning, sharing

12.30 lunch and relaxing

15.30 activities

19h dinner

21h meditation

It has been very good to have this family with us because new people always bring new input and energy. Arlete is homeschooling her children and is very creative in living a more resilient lifestyle. Together with her we are organising a soap-making workshop this sunday, we still have some places left if you are interested. We have been using her soaps the last weeks and they are amazing! We are very interested to create this life together with other people, so if you feel that what I shared above resonates with you and you would like to experience it, check out our intensive program for Awakened Families and write to us. So the heat is kicking in with me and I will join my daughter for a little nap. I am looking forward to this afternoon because I am joining a local yoga class. The area in which we live is becoming more and more alive with beautiful people and projects. Maybe I can have a dip in the waterfalls after?

Hope to see you someday in Esculca!

Much Love, Lotte