Since we moved to Esculca and started to dedicate ourselves to our land, we thought about having support from other people. Why? Because that was how we started our learning path ourselves, still in Gaia in the Raízes Project, and because we know that for many people this is the best way to travel, meet different people and places, learn and also contribute to the growth of projects where they are spending time. 

Since we are living difficult and challenging times, that affect us all, we ask a small daily financial contribution to help with food expenses, since our project is still in a phase of growth and recovery after the fires of October 2017. We also make the distinction between Portuguese and foreigners, since in general the later have a more stable financial condition to contribute more substantially to the development of our project.

We value even more people that have interest in spirituality, in understanding and transcending their habits, conditionings and live a liberated life. We love to share our experience as being part of the Awakened Life Project, for over 10 years, as well as our own growth as a couple, as parents and as a man and a woman. We want to support the development and growth of those that visit and spend time with us, always looking to respond to the interest and dedication of each individual.

We hope that who wants to be a visionary with us shows:

  • interest in our vision and way of living life.
  • dynamism, autonomy, initiative and a taste for nature and animals.
  • interest in playing with kids and participating in the basic chores of the house. 
  • desire to participating in the diverse list of projects to develop in the land (garden, orchard and forest), we always look to meet everyone's expectations, but we also know there are works that need to be done, either we like doing them or not.
  • physical and mental availability to work 5 days a week, 5 to 6 hours a day, depending on the weather forecast.

What we offer in exchange for visionary work:  

  • 3 daily meals, preferably vegetarian and organic, and seasonal fruit.
  • 2 days of rest for every 5 hours of work.
  • tent accommodation (from March to November).
  • teaching in the themes we work during your stay (eco-building, permaculture, etc.)
  • guidance in the area of ​​personal transformation (through practices such as meditation, self-inquiry, contemplation).
  • basic work and safety utensils.
  • peaceful and relaxed environment, immersed in nature.
  • limited internet access. 
  • access to our library.

Price / Person / Day

acording to the working schedule


6h / day - 5x / week



minimum 5h / day - 5x / week



  • We only accept visionaries who want to come for at least 1 week and give preference for those willing to come for longer periods, that are interested in the practice of meditation and ego transcendence.
  • We are not responsible for the physical integrity of the visionaries, each one must be responsible for their own safety and integrity.
  • The meals will only be shared during the working days, in the weekends everyone is responsible for preparing their own meal.
  • We do not cover work insurance, it is up to you to take one. 
  • If you need us to take you or pick you up from the nearest bus stop (Catraia de Mouronho), we charge € 10 for the journey. 
  • If your financial condition does not allow you to bear the prices we suggest, send us an email saying why you would like to spend time with us, what your motivations are and we will try to find together a solution that works for both parties. 
  • If the values ​​seem good to you and in the end you feel inspired to leave a donation for our project, it will be much appreciated, as we still have a lot to grow to better receive and accommodate those who visit us, especially after the fires of October 2017.

Online Registration

If you want to register as a visionary, please send us your information and suggested dates.