A little bit about what people say about us...

"Ambitioning a different, more conscious life, in contact with nature, with the land and with people with the same interests, we found the Awakened Families project, which fit in our family reality and that we followed for some time on the internet. Anyone who was already a "virtual" inspiration, due to the life story they shared on the site, became a vivid example of what we were looking for, or maybe even more. We felt at home from the first day and found a family that tries to live each moment with awareness and less conditioned by the ego. Love, sympathy, sharing, understanding, exploration and reflection filled our days." Hugo Santos

One of the most incredible experiences I've ever had. I have spent 1 month in the middle of the forest, in a unique place, together with a beautiful family who are on an incredible mission to help people stoping and looking inside. There I could see all the layers that prevented me from seeing my true self. It's scary at first. Dealing with your shadows, in fact, the first impact when you come face to face with your fears, you just want to escape, and I wanted to escape, go away, but deep down, my Being knew that it was important, that staying there was necessary, and it was, I went to the end. And in the end it all started. The real journey in search of Self-knowledge. I rediscovered myself and reconnected and it was from there that I was able to see the world with different eyes. The real eyes. Today I am aware of how important that experience was. I am very grateful to Ricardo and Teresa, these beings of light with a wonderful heart that embraces unknown people, to help them in this new discovery. Whoever wants to know a little more about this beautiful project, it is called Vida em Transição and is in the north of Portugal, in a paradisiacal place, in the middle of the forest. My heart is very grateful to have crossed with these people. Gratitude Life for being so beautiful. Aho! By the way, these giant mushrooms are edible and we had dinner for two nights in a row. Delicious" Brenda Ponce

"I loved to stay, we lived together and were in a group often. It takes a big heart to welcome several people from different countries and make us feel so comfortable that we almost felt at home" Laura, 9 years old