Miguel, 4x4

Hello, my name is Miguel and I have chosen this family to live in this life. I announced myself by surprise at Christmas 2011 and brought my parents a sense of urgency to transform their lives. They were already contemplating changing their lives, leaving the city and going to the countryside, but they were undecided and when I announced myself, I left no room for doubts. In less than 1 year they left Porto, bought land in central Portugal and moved in 3 months after I was born.

Some people call me "4x4", because as I grew up in the field, I am strong and robust and it is not the slopes that hold me back. If I fall, I shake myself and get up and continue to play, I often cry but more often I get up without complaining. Once I fell on a chestnut hedgehog and I left my father stunned, because instead of crying, I sat down and took the spikes out of my hand and went on my way. I am very determined, I know what I want and I already manifest that desire without a doubt.

In September 2014 I went to the kindergarten Caracol ao Sol and started to see that there were other ways to be and live life. I am super attentive to my surroundings and I want to understand what is best for me, so I am adapting very well to my new friends and school that I like a lot.

In March 2016 my sister, Clara, was born. I was the first to tell my mom that she was going to be a girl, and she doubted it until the end, but I didn't. I like her very much and whenever I can I fill her with kisses and treats. I don't quite understand why she spends so much time sleeping, she could play with me a little more. When she grows up, I think we're going to have a lot of fun together.

In January 2019 my school Caracol ao Sol closed, we were all very sorry, so I had to go to another school. To help this difficult change, my parents chose the same school as my best friend, Gabriel. The first few days were not easy, but little by little I start to get used to it. I love getting to know new things, experimenting, playing, climbing trees, playing with rings and so many other things. My last discovery was this egg that we brought in Lourinhã park, I put it in water two days, then it tacked and a colorful dinosaur came out of there :-).