Clara the "Queen"

Hello, my name is Clara and I also chose this family to live in this life! I was born from the desire of my parents to give Miguel a brother or sister, as they both recognize the importance of not growing up as an only child. I was born in early spring 2016 and in the house that my parents built with their own hands.

Those who know me well know that I was born to be a Queen, I never say no to a massage and I hope that my wishes are always fulfilled! It is also evident in my poses that I was born for excellence, simple but sublime ...

In 2018, I have also joined the Caracol ao Sol kindergarten and I love attending the school! At the beginning my brother was there too, but unfortunately he had to change schools. Still, I like my friends very much and I love to play with them. Yes, because I love to play and I love surprises :-)

I love my brother "Nunu" and I love playing with him. Each time we play together, we love to come up with new games, discover new things and to build constructions in wood!